The Art of Public Speaking


The Art of Public Speaking is designed to assist participants overcome their fears and build self-confidence. They will be learning proven effective methods to deliver “killer” speeches. Participants will also learn the process of speech preparation, identifying correct choices of words among others. They will also be picking up techniques of using their voice and gestures to create an impactful delivery.


By the end of the workshop participants would have developed and delivered their personalised speech. They will be receiving feedbacks with regards of their performance from the other course participants as well as their trainer.

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  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Types of Speeches to deliver
  • Identifying & Conquering your fears
  • Crafting your speech
  • Segmenting your speeches
  • Capturing your audience at the start
  • Using story-telling effectively
  • Controlling body movements & gestures
  • Delivery of Actual Speech
  • Feedback & Reflection

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27th Nov 2019, 4th Dec 2019