Gems Unearthed is proud to feature Dazry Eusoff, a brilliant Gem who was polished through his many trials. He is a gem of a person whose own glitters of light helped to unveil many other gems like him.

Presenting Dazry,

“I love to see others succeed. I love to see that joy on their faces when they are able to achieve what they had set out to do. I am proud to be the one to help them achieve their dreams with my own unique contribution.

Prior to running my own Training Academy, I was in civil service attached to one of the units in the Home Team. I was also a Trainer then. One day in 2016, I decided to attend a public run course. I was so disappointed with the way the trainers conducted the session. They were uninspiring and it made me wanted to leave at lunch. Apparently, it wasn’t just me who felt that way. I then asked myself, “is this the quality of trainers that we are offering?” No wonder we always get remarks that training is boring in here. I was so disappointed but instead of complaining, I decided to do something about it. I made a decision to resign from my stable job in the civil service and went on to set up my training academy.

For the start, I did not have any business knowledge. I did not have close friends that were doing business back then as most of my friends were civil servants. I had no one to turn to for guidance, coaching and advice. I did not even know how to fill up the company registration form (ACRA). However, I still went ahead and figured it out on my own. Together with a partner who took charge of the Translation entity of the business, we invested SGD 40,000 each. We set up an office with training rooms and bought all the necessary equipment needed like laptops, training materials, projectors, tables, chairs, flip charts and many more.

Having no business background, I did not introduce a system early in the business, which was a mistake. We did not keep proper track on the accounts and spending. When it came to doing the taxes, we ran into a mess. It took me one whole year to figure that part out. I also did not have my business model planned out which means I was not able to really plan the direction where my business was going. I thought I was running a business but I was actually providing a service as a Trainer. It took me more than two years to figure that part out. On hindsight had I engaged a Coach, I would have figured things out so much sooner and spent a lot lesser money trying to figure things out.

More challenges came when I wanted to get the status of Approved Training Operator for Skillsfuture. By then, I had written my own Trainer’s programme to assist those who wish to be a trainer but has no relevant experience. This is to ensure that they do not have to spend their money and they could leverage on the funding programme that is available. But it was not easy getting the approval. I did not give up, it took me more than 6 months to be an approved training operator and a further ten months getting my courses approved. Wasn’t it frustrating? Yes. Did I want to give up? Yes. But I told myself I want to keep going. This programmes I crafted on my own and was going to roll out are definitely going to help many individuals. The thought of that kept me going. Today, I am happy to share that not only the courses are approved but I am also given operator status by NTUC UTAP funding.

Marketing, Direction and Clarity. I was new to the business line back then, I knew I could train and I will be a great trainer and I will be able to show others how they can achieve that too. But early into the business, I was relying solely on word of mouth recommendations and those eventually dried up. I had to learn new strategies to market my programmes. I also had no idea which direction to take my business to. Was it to develop a franchise model? Was it to give opportunities to aspiring trainers to be my assistant to enable them to gain experience?
That was that I finally did. I allowed those who completed my Art of Training programme and wishes to pursue the training industry seriously to attend a one-on-one coaching session with me. Part of that coaching involved them getting experience during live classes. They then went on to conducting my programmes on a full-time basis running it as their own business. Only then the clarity aspect kicked in.

Fast forward to today, I am humbled by the fact that over 600 individuals had attended my training session since 2017. I have seen some of them grow from shy individuals to confident trainers running my programmes and even their own courses. I am now able to see my vision coming true.
Imagine someone with zero experience gaining the experience they needed because of the platform that I offered. As my knowledge in the business world increase, I also added elements of coaching & consultancy to help those Clarity & Confidence either in the business or personal growth. Hence I created a transformation programme where individuals will be able to do customized one-on-one personal session for me to craft the path and direction they need to take to reach their goals.
When I started, I had no support in terms of financial help or business knowledge. I realized now how tough it was without these support. But looking back, if I did not make the decision to start this academy of mine, individuals would not have been able to gain experience and found their direction to achieve their dreams and goals. I am happy that I was able to do my own small part to help these individuals.

If you wish to start something on your own, my advice would be, consult an expert of that industry. Hire a good coach and get all the planning, direction and clarity out of the way first. Only then would you be able to make an informed choice on your decision. Nothing is going to be easy but then again if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. You too will achieve success provided you don’t give up each time you meet with an obstacle. Everyone goes through that. Only the strongest will keep going. Believe in yourself and don’t be dependent on others. It might be a lonely journey but with the right guidance it will be also a beautiful journey.
Here’s to your future success!


Dazry Eusoff”
Coach Daz “The EnterTrainer”
S.T.A.R ASIA Alliance

The moment Dazry, an “EnterTrainer” took the perspective of others and did not want them to have similar bad experience, his entrepreneurial skills started surfacing. As a lifelong learning ambassador, he propagates continuous training and development. “Whatever you do, do it with flair and passion” says Dazry whose true passion made his belief come to reality. through Dazry’s story, we can understand that just like us, our talents are also living things. If we are to use this instinctive aptitude well, we are sure to live our life with much enthusiasm.

With love, Kasthuri Gunasegaran

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