S.T.A.R Trainers & Entrepreneurs Academy (STEA) aims to be the leader in offering the following 2 core programmes.

“Learner to Trainer”

“Learner to Entrepreneur”

It aims at empowering the below mentioned groups:
1. Individuals who aspires to be a Trainer
2. Individuals who aspires to be a Business Owner

For aspiring individuals

Given the current state of the economy where traditional jobs are affected by change and some even being made redundant. STEA aims to provide the platform for individuals to pick up relevant skills & knowledge as a form of a safety net in the event their livelihood be affected in any way. It also seeks to empower them with the ability to earn an extra income while maintain their current employment.
Research shows while many as many as do not have the right knowledge to embark on a business journey, hence we would be filing a gap in the market by being the one-stop portal for these individuals.
STEA will be a one-stop entity in providing them with personal development training, followed by personalised coaching to equip them with the relevant skills & knowledge and eventually working together with them to begin their journey as a Trainer or Business Owner.

Attend Training –> Personalised Coaching –> Career as a Trainer or Business Owner

We will also work with relevant partners who possesses the required skills in the industries that these individuals would need to seek guidance with regards to the business they wish to pursue eventually.
While the programme is started in Singapore, the vision is to introduce this business model to countries around Asia. The plan is to introduce this model to each country every 6 months. The franchise model of this business will allow it long term scalability of the business working towards a potential exponential growth.
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“I graduated from School of Gifted Talents and I was fortunate to meet many mentors, coaches and even competitors along the way. Thru L.U.C.K (Learning. Under. Correct. Knowledge), I found a clear route to where I want to be. In summary, I found Clarity. Now it’s my turn to help others find theirs.”