Mr Dazry Eusoff a.k.a Coach Daz – “The EnterTrainer is a recognised Specialist Adult Educator(SAE). He was accredited by the Institute of Adult Learning Singapore for attaining skills mastery in the area of Curriculum Development & Facilitation. It is one of the highest accreditation awarded to Professional Adult Educators in Singapore. He holds the Advance Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA) and is also registered trainer with the Ministry of Education of Singapore

Mr Dazry displays utmost passion, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit in the founding and embarking of S.T.A.R (Strategic Training & Academic Enrichment) Asia Alliance, where he is well on his way it to be a leading brand in Singapore and Asia.

He was also the brainchild behind S.T.A.R ASIA Alliance being conferred the recognition of Approved Training Provider by 3 separate agencies. The agencies are SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), NTUC Utap(e2i) & People’s Association(PA).
Helming the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), he has been responsible for training and coaching of over 600 trainees not just in Singapore but also other parts of Asia. He introduced a platform which allowed individuals with zero experience in training to gain relevant experience as a Trainer under on-job-training (OJT) programme offered by his Academy. That programme has successfully manage to produce outstanding trainers in broad specialisations and fields.

He has since introduced the Entrepreneur programme for anyone who has zero knowledge to get started on their entrepreneurship journey.
As a former Civil Servant under the Immigration Checkpoint Authority of Singapore (ICA), he was a national asset where his savior faire, adroitness and critical thinking to analyse and solve complex situation, earns him the rank of Checkpoint Inspector throughout his 15 years of commitment, resilient and dedication. Alongside, he had received countless (more than 50) Minister’s Award, Commissioner’s Commendation (Bronze and Silver), Excellence Awards and Medallions – including letter of commendations and testimonials.
Mr Dazry was recognised as one of few accredited trainers within Singapore’s Home Team (Ministry of Home Affairs) in various specialised training including inception of new officers into one of the Home Team’s Intelligence unit – for which, he had heightened, internalised and conceptualised numerous management, motivation and leadership tools, concepts and applications – where he imparted successfully to his trainees and mentors.
A magnate in selfless mission in life, coupled with his composed, friendly and dynamic disposition.
Mr Dazry have influenced lives from all walks – created a pool of outstanding trainers under his programme. His mission statement “Whatever you do, Do it with Flair and Passion” which he coined have been brought forward by many till date.

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