With an experience spanning more than 15 years, Noretta is an experienced early childhood practitioner and has held leadership positions in the industry. Driven by a strong passion in pedagogy, curriculum research and design, she advocates teaching through experiential learning and engaging young minds through play and interaction. Through this, she hopes to encourage and empower children to be competent and active learners.

Noretta sees herself as a change-maker whose aim is to elevate the understanding and building of in-depth knowledge of early childhood education among the Muslim community in Singapore. Noretta sees the need to increase the awareness, appreciation, importance and quality of early childhood education among the Muslim community, so as to help children realise their potential. She hopes to bridge the gaps in the Malay Muslim organizations so that they are on par with the ECE industry standards in Singapore. She also believes in engaging and collaborating with parents and harnessing the power of the community to encourage children to be confident and expressive individuals in society. Her recent training with a group of 30 educational leaders had received great reviews from the participants themselves.

Noretta was a recipient of the Early Childhood Development Agency’s Teaching scholarship at the former SIM University (the current Singapore University of Social Sciences) in 2015, where she attained a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood with Management. She is also an ACTA certified trainer who is driven to be inspire and be inspired.

“A learning journey that engages the heart, mind and soul”

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